Thursday, February 24, 2011

Petticoats and Peonies

Well, I could not resist this petticoat at the thrift store last week!  It fits on my antique dress form so well.  And I turned into a bit of a pyro, singeing old lining fabrics to create these gorgeous little peony type flowers. I will use this as inspiration!!!
I'm working on all sorts of new stuff and old stuff this month, in preparation for displaying my wares at Honey Grove Botanicals in Gahanna sometime in March.  It's a lovely shop with these amazing creative ladies.  Barb is the creator of unique skin care and pampering products, and there are bath salts and mix your own fragrance and, oooh, luscious treats!!!  They are 116 Mill Street in Gahanna - it's a gorgeous little house all full of goodies!!!  I'll post more details soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Purposeful Pretties

My hands are busy again, trying new techniques and new crafts.  Take a peek at these cute little vintage spools, embellished with lace, antique paper, buttons and trim!  You can hold family photos, souvenir concert tickets, greeting cards, and all sorts of reminders in the wire holders.  I love finding new uses for old things, especially when they can serve a purpose like this!  Great for your desktop, windowsill, nightstand, or shelves.

Then, when you get ready to giftwrap those cute spools for your best buddy, you can stuff the gift bag with this pretty recycled paper shred, in pink and white.  Tell me that's not pretty!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Cute New Creations

I managed an hour or two of sewing this weekend, never enough, but this was productive.  This first apron is cotton muslin, with some tulle fringe, a raw edge muslin ruffle, and a layer of antique flocked tulle ruffled around the base.  Added a little doily for a pocket, and we have this sweet confection!!!  Then, I pulled out an old linen skirt that I had saved for scrap (I LUV LINEN!!), and edited it into this cute little half apron.  The lacy accent appliques come from antique blouses and other old finds that I have scavenged.  Take a look!

You'll find these beauties at SoBo Style in Clintonville - check her out on Facebook!

 I'm loving the frills!  Then I took some vintage ticking, that my hubby was using for his antique muzzle loader!!!  Can't have him ruining this gorgeous red and white striped cotton!!!  I made a little vendor apron, and added a pocket of muslin printed with a vintage French label design.  Love it!!!

Keep watch!  More to come!  Check my etsy shop for more vintage finds as well as my fabrics and art.