Thursday, February 24, 2011

Petticoats and Peonies

Well, I could not resist this petticoat at the thrift store last week!  It fits on my antique dress form so well.  And I turned into a bit of a pyro, singeing old lining fabrics to create these gorgeous little peony type flowers. I will use this as inspiration!!!
I'm working on all sorts of new stuff and old stuff this month, in preparation for displaying my wares at Honey Grove Botanicals in Gahanna sometime in March.  It's a lovely shop with these amazing creative ladies.  Barb is the creator of unique skin care and pampering products, and there are bath salts and mix your own fragrance and, oooh, luscious treats!!!  They are 116 Mill Street in Gahanna - it's a gorgeous little house all full of goodies!!!  I'll post more details soon.


  1. He encontrado tu blog y me gustan las cosas que haces.
    Saludos desde Madrid.

  2. What a great find...and it is absolutely darling what you did with it!
    THANKS for the sweet words about my grandbabies!