Friday, July 15, 2011

Catching up and Out of Breath!!

It has been a long time since I posted any news, not for a lack of news, but a lack of time and focus.  The first news I want to share is that I will be a grandmother for the very first time!  My daughter is expecting a little girl in October, and I am over the moon, waiting to lay my eyes on her!!  I was able to be with her for the first and second sonograms, and it is an amazing thing, to see her developing right before our very eyes; she is moving and turning and even seemed to wave at us a couple of times.  We will be having a baby shower in early September, and I will have to post my pictures from that event - I have all sorts of plans for making it absolutely fantastic.

Well, Honey Grove Botanicals, The Little Black Chair, with a little help from moi, held our second Greenflea event in Gahanna last Saturday. We had wonderful wonderful vendors, again, and the beautiful arts, crafts, and vintage finds were so tempting, I had to buy something!  The next Greenflea will be on August 13 - I will be recovering from jaw surgery, but we will have plenty of great vendors for you to meet.  Mark it down!!!  Enjoy the photos from Saturday!