Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Fairy Tale Baby Shower for My Only Girl

I will be taking on the role of Nana any day now - my daughter is expecting a little girl by October 3.  I can hardly wait, I have done nothing but think and plan and anticipate, oh, and rub her belly and talk to Baby T.  Last weekend was the baby shower for Therese, and it was a hit, it was fun, it was beautiful, and her friends and my friends all celebrated and, boy, what a ton of presents!!!  This little girl is spoiled even before she arrives.
A tent full of goodies

Gorgeous cakes by Susan Krumm!!

We painted baby onesies - what fun!

Of course, Amanda had to get the one gift Therese did not want!!

Ladybugs by Kathy Veit for Baby T's room...

We used vintage jars and an antique punchbowl, handmade umbrellas, and fresh flowers from our gardens.  It was all shabby chic, recycled, homemade, handmade, right down to the food and drink!!  I love my girl, and can't wait to be a grandma!!!