Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beautiful Things in My Life

It's still Winter, but I can feel Spring coming along right behind.  As the days pass, I thrill to watch my beautiful daughter raising her beautiful daughter, and it's a thrill that I never anticipated.  Before my son and daughter were born, I thought I knew how to love someone.  They have since taught me that learning to love is a lifetime endeavor, and the pleasure is in the continuity of that learning.  Nothing can prepare you for that level of loving, when one of your own has one of their own.  My privilege is in being the one who has fun with it all, released from the day to day responsibility that sometimes makes it hard to see the joy, now I have found the joy.  I want to express this in my art, but have not yet found a way to do so.  I will, though.  The combination of the arrival of Spring and the growing up of my lovely family is a potent experience.

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