Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time Flies

Well, the best of intentions went awry for me!  Not that I haven't been creating and sharing, but this poor little blogspot has been sorely neglected of late.  I hope to catch up with everyone, but there are so many creative and lovely bloggers out there who may laugh at my attempts to share my world of creativity and vintage preservation, that I had to stop and think about whether or not I wanted to continue with this blog.

I do, and I will set aside "Me Time" to do just this!  My doctor has told me to eke out a spot of time every day, just for me, just for a few minutes, so that I might better care for myself, and, as a result, care better for those in my life whose needs and wants follow me through my days and nights. I love being needed, I love sharing, I love pulling my beautiful granddaughter through the yard in her wagon until we come to the daisies at the back fence and she has to have just one.  When the purple coneflowers bloom later this summer, she may faint from the joy and beauty of it all.  Her enthusiasm for birds and flowers and her mother and her Papaw is uninhibited, clear, and brightly expressed.  This is love, to love my children, then to love their children, and to bask in their light and hold their hands in their dark days, and to share this with my love, my husband and friend.

The holidays were wonderful, winter was a challenge, but I have been spending weekends combing flea markets, antique shows, yard sales, estate sales, and, yes, the occasional dumpster, looking for amazing vintage and collectible finds.  My little spot in the local antique shop is thriving - my white and shabby chic style brighten up alongside the older, more primitive pieces.  I am surrounded by creative and driven people in this shop, from the owner to the newest vendors, and we work together to make everyone shine - I am so blessed and so very happy to be a part of this little clique.  We understand each other's drive and passion to create and to collect, when others may not.  Hubby is interested, always willing to be the mechanic, restoring a broken box or a chandelier that needs some TLC - he spent a good part of his winter refinishing a couple of old wood pieces for our home and for the shop, and he shares the joy when I have finally sold that one little table, or that packet of handmade notecards, and we laugh with the fun of doing something together!

I hope to spend a few minutes every day, either adding pictures or comments, and I hope that someone will happen upon my little spot here and will smile with the recognition that creative people have for each other.  I need to catch up with that fun and creative spirit that drives me to keep moving forward and to keep collecting and cherishing those tools and accents that hold the past so dearly in their being.

 Here is the little monster herself - caught her in the process of showing off to me!  Luckily this is her happy side in these photos!  More later, as soon as I get some shots off my new cellphone!