Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello, any loyal followers who might be around still.  I have decided that 2014 should be packed away and archived somewhere so that it never rears its ugly head again!!!  I lost 2 cousins, my mother, my sister-in-law, my favorite old professor at work, watched 3 friends each lose a parent, and just after the clocked turned over to the New Year, I had to put my beloved 16+ year old puppy dog to sleep. My job became so much more stressful than it had ever been, and still no relief or light at the end of that tunnel, but at least we are secure and comfortable, my children are healthy, strong, and good, and I thank God, and hope that my mother will watch over me and keep me that way. My son is living and working, and thriving in Phoenix, happy at his job and home, loving the weather, and I miss him terribly!

My granddaughter suddenly turned 3 last October, and now she talks like a college student living the life!  She's a back seat driver, she has great conversations with me when she sits on the potty, and her Papaw and her are closer than ever.  So much to be grateful for, very blessed I am.  So, I need to step up, believe in the New Year, and pray that everyone I love stays safe, healthy, and happy.

More determined than ever to chase my dreams, find my vintage finds, and create.  I'm in a lovely shop less than a mile from home, where I set up my finds and my art, and share it with others who love my style!  It's my therapy, and, even though I have to climb to the third floor to get to my space, just anticipating seeing it again energizes me, even at the end of a long, difficult day at work and discouragement from former supporters of my craft.

With all that, I am sure that I will be loading up many more photos and conversations to share with all of you.  If your Mama is still with you, hug her, hold her, go visit her as much as you can, because, even though I am now a grandmother, I still want my Mama, but I can't have her until we meet again where she so clearly resides now...

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